bistro stashaBistro Stasha was opened in pursuit of a dream, to offer not only delectable meals, but a place where anyone can comfortably dine.

Everything, from the produce to the meat, is personally hand picked by the cook herself. When it comes to cooking, the chef strives to stay close to her roots by offering diners food that is fresh, local, and seasonal. Having grown up in Europe and Canada, she has had a generous amount of opportunity and inspiration to learn and flourish her menu in a number of ways, and is sure to bring this inspiration to the food.

It was important to the chef, who previously worked in the hospitality business, to own a small, comfortable establishment so she could establish a close connection with her guests and communicate with them on a personal level.

Bistro Stasha stands behind every meal it has to offer and aims to serve dishes of the highest quality. The menu fluctuates consistently due to the availability of local ingredients, which serves as a staple of the freshness of the food. Bistro Stasha’s meats are guaranteed free-range and hormone free, most of which the cook gathers from local farmer markets.

The cook has stated on numerous occasions that she would never serve a meal she didn’t have confidence in; quality and presentation is of the utmost important to Bistro Stasha’s reputation.

Just seeing the glowing reviews come in from our patrons tells us that we are doing it right, and our patrons are happy, which of course makes us proud to be serving our food.